Research Topics

The Plant Ecology Lab focuses on the relative role of biotic and abiotic factors shaping plant communities across spatial scales (from neighborhoods to landscapes) and across levels of organization (from individuals to ecosystems responses) in the context of global change.  We therefore encourage inquiries from undergraduate students interested in ecology and applications from graduate students addressing both patterns (with the use of observational studies and field experiments), as well as processes (with the use of controlled greenhouse and growth chamber experiments) in plant communities influencing or being influenced by biological invasions and/or climatic change. Interested prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply for external funding through NSF GRFP, EPA STAR, and brazilian sources such as FAPESP and CNPQ.

Undergraduate students interested plant ecology in the context of climate change and/or biological invasions should send us an email. We encourage undergraduate students to assist on ongoing field projects and/or develop their own independent research project.

Graduate students interested in joining our lab should have a strong background in ecology with strong intellectual curiosity, be passionate about the research questions you pursue while working hard at it, and most importantly be a group-oriented ecologist (with your peers and mentors).

If you are interested in joining the lab, send me an email (lara ‘dot’ souza ‘at’ ou ‘dot’ edu) including: (1) your research interests and how they align with the ongoing research in our lab, (2) your research background, (3) the reason you are pursuing graduate school, (4) your CV, and (5) contact information of three references.

Post-doctoral fellows interested in collaborating with our lab should contact us and we can together seek funding through a variety of fellowship programs: AAUW, NSF Post-doctoral Fellowship, Smith Fellowship, CNPq, FAPESP, NSERC, and NASA.